Our Mission:

Representing the people of the historic Donner Summit community for the preservation of the area’s rugged mountain character and natural resources by providing active coordination for community development issues.

Vision Statement:

The Donner Summit Area Association members desire to maintain the unique natural beauty and special character of the area for the public benefit, and to assure that the area remains a special place to live, work, and visit.

To this end the Association will proactively develop a long-range conceptual development plan for the Area. This plan will incorporate various elements of land usage, zoning, facilities and enhancements, types of growth, maintenance of natural areas, and any other appropriate desires. The goal of the plan is to provide the greatest possible benefit to the general public.

The Association will function as a conduit for communication between the area residents, owners and visitors and Nevada and Placer County and other appropriate agencies which influence the growth and development of the Donner Summit Area. The long range plan developed by the Association will guide the Association’s response to proposals for development and growth through regular contact with County Supervisors and attendance at County Supervisor Board meetings the Association will maintain current knowledge of proposals which affect the Donner Summit Area and be able to comment upon these proposals in a timely manner. The Association will also be able to bring proposals and suggestions to the appropriate authorities for consideration.

The Association recognizes that further growth and development is inevitable and desires to influence that growth to assure the highest overall quality of life possible. In particular the Association desires to enhance the attractiveness of Soda Springs and the surrounding area for visitors, residents and businesses. Ensuring a safe, orderly flow of traffic, pedestrians, and bicyclists is a high priority.

2014 Annual Report