Annual Summit Cleanup scheduled for June 6

The annual Summit Clean-Up Day will be Saturday, June 6th, from 9 a.m. until noon.  We’ll have dumpsters at the Cal Lodge, Soda Springs, and DSL parking lots.  Those with pick-up trucks are welcome to help gather bags of refuse that our volunteers have left along the sides of the roads.

Lunch is provided by Donner Ski Ranch; they’ll start serving around 12:30.  Cold beer?  You bet, thanks to the Soda Springs General Store, who will also provide trash bags, gloves, and water.

We’ll divide the summit up into the same sections as before.  Show up at the general store a little before 9 and choose your work area.

Thanks in advance to all those participants and sponsors who make the summit a special place!

Jeanne and Tom Appelbaum, DSAA