DSPUD Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Saturday, July 18th

Noon to 4:00 P.M.

at DSPUD at Sherritt Lane, Soda Springs

Construction on improvements to the Donner Summit Public Utility District Wastewater Treatment Plant have concluded. The 30-month, $19.5 million dollar upgrade and expansion project, designed by Stantec Engineers and constructed by Syblon Reid Contractors, resulted in a technologically-advanced facility that produces a “crystal-clear” effluent. This effluent has low effluent ammonia and nitrate concentrations and meets the highest State of California water quality requirements for recycled water, all of which will protect the beneficial uses of the South Yuba River.

The new, advanced treatment process uses tertiary treatment with membrane bioreactors to filter and treat the wastewater before discharging into the South Yuba River. The upgrade also utilizes an ultra-violet disinfection process which eliminates the need for the previously used chlorine gas system.

Additional new structures include a headworks building, membrane and equipment building, an additional equalization storage tank and sludge pump building. These components were incorporated into the existing plant equipment to support the new treatment process and increase treatment capacity to 1.27 MGD on a peak day. All treatment systems are controlled remotely using a new, sophisticated data center housed in the recommissioned advanced treatment building.

Project costs were distributed between Sierra Lakes County Water District and Donner Summit PUD. DSPUD secured a low-interest 30-year loan through the State Revolving Fund to help reduce the impact to ratepayers.

Donner Summit PUD will host an Open House at its newly modernized wastewater treatment plant on Saturday, July 18 from 12:00-4:00 p.m. The public is invited along with community leaders, officials and the media. Supervisor Jennifer Montgomery will officiate the ribbon cutting ceremony. Other speakers will include local elected officials and engineering and management team representatives. Celebration activities include plant tours and refreshments. Visit DSPUD.com for details.