Emigrant Trail Planning

On behalf of Placer County, Stantec Consulting Services Inc. (Stantec) is conducting an environmental constraints study in support of a potential Memorial Emigrant Trail Project in the Donner Summit area.
An environmental constraints study is an early planning tool Placer County utilizes to define trail alignments that minimize environmental impacts and maximize safety, access, and trail experiential focused trail design. The study entails field reconnaissance surveys of approximately 500 acres of land near Donner Summit in the vicinity of the Overland Emigrant Trail in order to determine a preferred alignment for an approximately eight mile long, publically accessible, multi-use Memorial Emigrant Trail.  The constraints analyses will include biological, topographic, archaeological, and traffic assessments to facilitate determining a preferred alignment for subsequent environmental review. Environmental field surveys for the Memorial Emigrant Trail will be conducted with property owner approvals (authorized rights of entry) and are planned for late May/Early June. Through the environmental constraints assessment the County aims to provide an environmentally sensitive, safe, and enjoyable trail alignment with sustainable lines and grades in accordance with state-of-the art trail building methods.
The future Memorial Emigrant Trail is generally not intended to follow the exact route of the original Overland Emigrant Trail given the known occurrence of artifacts and developed areas in and around the original route. Rather, the goal of the Memorial Emigrant Trail Project will be to create a trail in the general corridor of the original route.
One of the goals of this Memorial Emigrant Trail Project will be to interpret the rich history of the Donner Summit area. Stantec will be collecting data and info in this effort.