Recreation, Historical, and Cultural Resources on Donner Summit

On Tuesday, December 2nd, the 3rd community planning meeting focused on Recreation, Historical, and Natural Resources on Donner Summit.  Nevada County planners brought draft Goals and Policies for discussion by small groups. An example:

Recreation Resources


Maintain the quality of and expand access to year-round recreation opportunities on Donner Summit where it is consistent with preserving the environment.

Policies supporting the above goal:

Encourage the sustainable development of recreational facilities that complement the natural landscape and natural resources on Donner Summit.

Discourage recreation opportunities adjacent to incompatible land uses and areas with low recreational or aesthetic value.

Support a broad range of enjoyable recreational experiences by integrating a variety of unique settings and isolated habitats and providing connection to regional open space lands.


Attendees were asked to consider changes to these draft goals and policies and to come up with some additional ones, such as:


Improve the quality of and access to public recreation for residents and visitors.

Policies supporting the above goal:

Work with local agencies  to encourage the development of a public park facility within the Area Plan zone.

Encourage the development of a Community Use facility within the Area Plan zone.

Support additional uses within existing facilities to meet the recreation needs of the Donner Summit communities.