Notice to DSAA Members – your vote is important!


To the DSAA membership;

As some of you may know, there is a move afoot to merge many of the groups here on the summit into one organization that would represent the community and local businesses, with an emphasis on maintaining the culture and “feel”, if you will, of the summit.  The structure of the proposed organization is still under discussion by the two organizations that initiated this movement, the Donner Summit Legacy Group (DSLG) and our own Donner Summit Area Association (DSAA), as well as several representatives from the resorts and homeowners groups.  At this point, the governing rules for the proposed organization would be molded by a combination of the by-laws of the DSLG and the DSAA, with a few changes to allow for the establishment of whatever form the “board” of the organization would take.  The meetings held so far have generated good results, but more work needs to be done.

The reason for this email is to make you aware that the DSAA Board have voted unanimously to go ahead with the merger.  What this means is that the DSAA, as well as the DSLG, would cease to exist, and the new organization, with a 501(c)(3) non-profit, non-membership structure, would take their place as the “voice of the summit”.  Non-profit essentially means, among other things, that the group would qualify for grants from various organizations, and that your donations would be tax-deductible.   Non-membership means that the procedure of the membership voting on any issue would not exist, and that any decisions would be made by the leadership; however, the leadership would base their votes on however their constituents felt about an issue.  In other words, each leadership member (call it “the board” for the sake of argument) would respond to whatever group they represented; homeowners groups, resorts, or any other organization represented by the board members would then have a voice in voting on whatever issue arose.  At this point, any issue that the DSAA has put out for a vote by the membership has gotten hardly any response, thus the direction of the past merger meetings to go to the non-membership structure.  In order to make oneself heard in the new organization, one has to participate, and there are plenty of opportunities within the proposed structure of the new organization for one to be not only heard, but to have a direct effect on any votes taken. 

The hope for this new organization is that it will be a more cohesive voice for the summit, be more fiscally efficient, be able to more easily get grants for the good of the community, and represent EVERYONE from Cisco Grove to the Rainbow Bridge.  Many of DSAA’s traditions will continue, including the four Clean-Up Days, the Fourth of July Picnic, and other activities, as well as new and exciting opportunities for the community to come together (e.g., finding a location for a much-needed community center!). 

We’re asking you to vote on the merger by participating in the survey below: yes for the merger, no against the merger.  We need the votes by the end of next week, midnight, Saturday, April 15th.  If you have any questions before you vote, don’t hesitate to send an email to our website or; I or another board member will try to address any concerns.

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Thanks for your participation! 

Tom Appelbaum

President, DSAA