Putting Transient Occupancy Taxes to Work on Donner Summit

Wednesday, August 26th
5:00 P.M. – 6:00 P.M.
at Soda Springs Ski Area Lodge

Please join a group discussion aimed at identifying potential Placer County TOT funded projects that would benefit Donner Summit (Nevada/Placer County).

Transient Occupancy Taxes are collected by the counties from vacation rentals, motels and hotels and other short-term housing uses.  The purpose of the tax is  to balance the costs and benefits of tourism to preserve our communities and our quality of life.

Once a year,  Placer County/North Lake Tahoe Resort Association has a “call for project funding requests” to handle the $1.5 million that they allocate out to benefit the  Placer County tourist  community each year.   A group is forming to write an application and would like to solicit ideas from the public.

Some ideas from past DSAA meetings include:

  • Bear-proof trash
  • Walkable Soda Springs core project
  • Public Park
  • Community Center
  • Directional signage for recreation areas/trailheads
  • Comprehensive Donner Summit website and media campaign

Please take the survey to add your ideas.

Feel free to join the conversation on our Facebook page.