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Representing the people of the historic Donner Summit community for the preservation of the area’s rugged mountain character and natural resources by providing active coordination for community development issues.
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Informing the community and providing forums for discussion is DSAA’s primary purpose. The Association also pursues area concerns at a community and county level.

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2 Responses to “DSAA Home”

  1. Betrayed and Dismayed says:

    We donated a lot of money to save Royal Gorge and to preserve the existing Van Norden Lake. The decision by the Truckee Donner Land Trust to drastically reduce the size of the lake in order sell it to the Forest Service without asking for our opinions is really disappointing and will make us seriously think twice about continuing our annual donations. They had better open up the matter to public discussion or they will lose the goodwill that was generated during the Save Royal Gorge effort.

  2. Angered and Frustrated says:

    This last week I was able to spend 2 days on Lake Van Norden woth my adult grown children as we allowed our kayaks to drift gently with the wind.  What we witnessed was magical as we took in all that this sacred water resource has historically hosted in both wildlife and bird activity for numerous years.  If one truly allows themselves to become a part of this environment and the surrounding meadow, they would instantly understand that the lake and the meadow are inseparable.

    Destroying a 100 year old habitat is not about elected officials or board members, nor is it about one who has studied or received a fancy degree through Stanford or any other affiliated university.  Simply said, Lake Van Norden and the surrounding meadow is not a subject matter than can be dealt with only a classroom education, through books or during a closed door discussion.  Lake Van Norden is something one breathes, feels and allows to grow under your skin.  For myself, I have been experiencing and visiting this ‘live’ meadow for over 55 years and know it like the back of my hand.  Each time that I come to the meadow, I am held by it’s beauty and it’s absolute uniqueness on all levels.  The meadow itself has four seasons, each with its own gift and balance.

    In looking at the latest TDLT broad members, I doubt that one has this same connection with the lake, nor do the members from SYRCL, American Rivers nor the Nature Conservancy.  In truth, many of us spent our time, energy and donated funding to save this beautiful meadow and lake.  I am personally dismayed to see how self-serving the TDLT has become in now stating that it has always been their plan to sell it back to the government. Talk about loss of contact with the real world!  I can’t think of worst custodians than the government.

    My family introduced me to the Sierra Nevada’s at a very young age, and so I come from a long line of tree-huggers, environmentalist or whatever you wish to name us.  I’m all for reestablishing and putting an environment back into its natural configuration, but not Lake Van Norden.  The immediate destruction of what has become one of the richest habitats would be a huge mistake.  With global warming, migrating birds especially are going to be needing more and more waterways to land upon.  With the lake being lowered, this not only would become a dried up mud puddle, but if there was to be any water at all, it would surely become as sterile and toxic as that of the headwaters of south Yuba River after it leaves the Van Norden dam.   

    There is a lot at stake.  There is no quick fix to this situation.  This needs to be carefully weighed out and deeply thought through.  Once this beautiful Summit Valley lake is gone, it will be gone forever.  And then I guess we can just keep progressing to all the other man-made lakes and dams in the area.  How a out Lake Spaulding?  I’d love to see what that canyon once looked like?  Lake Mary, Donner, Bocca?  The list goes on.

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